Sample Projects


Artech Engineering Inc (AEI) has developed this design concept working directly with the end user. All activities up until the final installation were supported by AEI.  The Design, Engineering Analysis, Bill of Material,  and Manufacturing Details were generated using SOLDIWORKS. The design allows for rotation and moving an enclosure from one floor of a building to the next floor below.

Installation Photo - Solidworks                 Installation Photo



Artech Engineering Inc has SOLIDWORKS premium for design, Engineering Analysis (FEA), and documentation capabilities.

Horizontal Press Assembly        crank


Machine Upgrade

After our field investigation, the problem component was replaced with a drop in upgrade. The new design was validated using FEA.

Carriage   100_1384a


Kinematics and Finite Element Analysis

Artech Engineering Inc has conducted Engineering studies that integrates kinematic data with Finite Element Analysis so that complete load histories are considered. The following press drive component is part of a special linkage that applies full tonnage across three points of support. The large bore includes non-linear interface elements (gaps) for a more accurate solution.

Main Gear Hub   Main Gear Hub and Slow Down Link


Pressure Vessel Engineering Analysis

Capabilities include FEA integrated with the ASME Sec VIII Div 2 code for cyclic count determination. Special applications in the past included the DDAM procedure for the Navy.

Pressure Vessel - DDAM         Pressure Vessel - General


Machine Design / Heavy Equipment / Automation

Artech Engineering Inc provides all types of product and machinery design. This sample system was a “clean sheet” development to create a series of conveyors and walking beams that separates bundles of tubing for a paint line.

100_0246    Machine Design Sample


Press Engineering Capability

Artech Engineering Inc has over 30 years of press design experience. Utilizing Engineering Analysis methods with this experience, we determine root cause of failures and develop design upgrades.

Press Bed FEA  Press Bed Output


Hydraulic Solution for Forming Dies

Retro fit system provides better control of binder pressure during metal forming. Based on hydraulics, this system provides a controllable forming force throughout the press stroke and eliminates upward loading post bottom.

100_1300   100_1297


Failure Analysis

Utilizing classical theoretical Engineering Analysis methods and the computer simulation method Finite Element Analysis, the root cause of the failure is determinedCast Iron Elbow


Power Transmission Studies

Artech Engineering Inc provides studies and analysis reviews of drive trains and drive train components. Reviews include torque and force determination for purposes of size determination.

100_0695    100_0665